Instant Oxygen Philosophy

Instant Oxygen Communication Networks is a Dehradun based Integrated Communication House which provides few of the most innovative as well as impactful branding and publicity solutions to its clients.

The sincerity and honesty with which we render our services is reflected in the success and growth of some of the most popular brands of Uttarakhand. Our ability to deliver exclusivity makes us stand distinctly from our counterparts and to deliver as per the promise is our trait.

Our Vision


Instant Oxygen abides by this ideology. Therefore we work relentlessly towards designing the interesting, innovative & impactful communication quantum for all the marketing and branding collaterals of our discerning few clients.

We are almost a decade old in Uttrakhand and during this tenure we have an accomplishment of creating few most popular brands of the state whose fame is now acclaimed beyond the home state.

Our Mission

To provide prompt, impressive and innovative communication solutions to help invigorate our clients business and open new avenues for them.

Area of Work

Sunset, sunrise, rainbow and butterflies are some of the unique manifestations of heart captivating beauty. Endowed with the treasure of such divine charisma is Mother Nature, but what actually add on its glamour are rich colours.

It’s scientific fact that each colour reflects it”s own unique set of strength and traits. Inspired by it, Instant Oxygen Communication Network carefully chose different colours to represent it’s different services. These names are simply meant to portray the essence and feel with which we work under each category of services, combined with the energy of oxygen.


After becoming an integral part of our business and life, advertising hardly needs any introduction …

Public Relation

Green, the colour of nature symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility.Drawing inspiration …

Event Management

For a novice , setting up an Event seems to be a cakewalk but only an expert knows what it exactly takes to create …

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